Growing up, whilst I was an avid sports fan and ate a mostly healthy Mediterranean diet at home, I also ate my way through many bags of sweets, processed food snacks and more than my fair share of fast food at University.

Realising I was never quite on top of my game whilst working long hours in the City in a finance job, battling constant fatigue, sleeping problems and constant colds, I sought to regain my wellness. I became an avid researcher of all things nutrition and made simple changes, little by little to my lifestyle to get my health back on track and find wellness again. 

So, although I’d long been passionate about the benefits of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, it was never more important to me than going through pregnancy, giving birth and needing the strength and energy to raise my daughter. I know first hand how the demands of looking after another human being takes it’s toll on your health and why it is important not to forget about ourselves when we always want to put our children first.

I undertook studies to gain my nutritional Health Coaching qualification and through this I was steered towards the latest ideas, research and thinkers and shown the contemporary approaches to behaviour change.

 Additionally, I undertook a Diploma in Nutrition and a Certificate in Childhood Nutrition. Marrying that with my coaching experience, I learned quickly that people’s eating habits are shaped early on, not just with what they were fed as children but how. Wanting to give my daughter the best start in life, providing her with a healthy, balanced diet and preventing eating problems is at the forefront of my mind but I also know just how challenging feeding a stubborn toddler can be!

My studies and my own on-going research and experiences have led me to a focus on helping mums to lead healthier lives and parents to grow healthier families.

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